Facial Rejuvenation

Aging is a natural biological process in which structural and functional changes occur in the body that affects not only internal organs and systems, but also tissues, whose state affects the appearance of a person. Facial tissues experience more serious age-related changes compared to other parts of the body.

The main signs of skin aging are the appearance of static facial wrinkles (at rest), a change in the shape and contours of the face and neck, a change in the structure of soft tissues, the appearance of spots on the skin. Pigment of various origins, the appearance of a red vascular on the face and the formation of several neoplasms (tumors or cancer)

Wrinkles are not the only possible change and not the most unpleasant related to age. And in no way only affects the condition and appearance of the skin. The main problem, because facial features may change beyond recognition over the years, is ptosis (tissue prolapse), which appears due to the weakening of the skin's collagen skeleton. In youth, such building material is contained in sufficient amounts in the skin, which helps it maintain its shape, maintain elasticity and firmness. But over time, collagen synthesis slows down, which causes sagging skin. As a result, the "bags under the eyes" and the so-called "bags" under the cheeks become more noticeable, the corners of the eyes and lips also begin to gradually decrease, the oval of the face becomes less pronounced, the second chin increases in size.

Beauty procedures based on “Botox” and hyaluronic acid injections

 Drugs based on botulinum toxin A ("Botox") are injected into facial muscles, blocking the arrival of nerve impulses towards them, causing contraction. Therefore, excessive facial expressions are corrected, the patient stops frowning hypertrophied, wrinkling his forehead and squinting. In addition, involuntary facial expressions are corrected, for example, the lowering of the corners of the lips remains at rest. A relaxed muscle provides rest to the tissues located above it, therefore, during the period of action of the medication, wrinkles in the area of its administration are softened and do not re-form until the action of the medication ends.

Indications for the correction of wrinkles with “Botox”:


  • Wrinkles already formed on the forehead and nose, both longitudinal and transverse;

  • Wrinkles on the temples and around the eyes, including "crow's feet" and horizontal wrinkles on the lower eyelids;

  • Nasolabial folds, lower corners of the mouth, "bag" shaped wrinkles around the mouth, gingival smile that exposes the upper gum;

  • Wrinkles "puppets" in the chin area;

  • Symmetry disorders (even with paresis of the facial nerve);

  • Violation of the contours of the oval of the face;

  • Timely prevention of facial wrinkles, even before the formation of a stable crease.

Results of “Botox” injection:

The first results of Botox injections can be seen / felt after 2-3 days, and the final effect is approximately 14 days after the procedure. Different muscles require different times to settle in a relaxed position. Visually, the wrinkle looks less deep immediately, and over time begins to soften in the process of natural cell renewal.

Therefore, “Botox” injections provide:

  • Smooth, wrinkle-free skin;

  • Natural and elegant facial expressions, without the usual hypertrophied "grimaces" that distort facial features and contribute to the appearance of deep wrinkles;

  • Prolongation of youth for many years, even without plastic surgery;

  • In combination with mesotherapy and contouring, Botox injections give a pronounced effect of visual rejuvenation of the face for 5, 10 and sometimes 15 years.

The duration of the effect is 4 to 10 months, an average of 6-8 months. Once again, Botox injections should be performed at the moment when facial expressions in the resting area are just beginning to appear, this approach practically leaves no chance of wrinkles.

Hyaluronic Acid Injection:

Hyaluronic acid is a component of the intercellular matrix, which regulates the processes of regeneration and cellular metabolism and is responsible for the skin's water balance. The main function of hyaluronic acid is to retain water molecules, thus providing a protective barrier function of the skin, preventing aging and wrinkles.

With age, the level of hyaluronic acid in the tissues decreases significantly, which causes skin aging, loss of natural tissue volume and the formation of facial wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid injections solve this problem by naturally replenishing the required level of moisture in the tissues.

By attracting water molecules to itself and creating an optimal hydraulic reserve, hyaluronic acid performs several functions: it moisturizes and softens the skin, eliminates wrinkles and models facial volumes.

After the introduction of the drug, hyaluronic acid naturally integrates into the tissue, without feeling tactile, and after a while it is completely eliminated from the body.

Contour plastics: the introduction of a gel based on high density hyaluronic acid to give volume to the tissue and change the volume. Contour plastic allows a momentary transformation: in a procedure you can simulate the contour of the face, increase the volume of the cheekbones and lips, eliminate bruises under the eyes, restore the facial proportions lost with age and eliminate deep wrinkles in the nasolabial folds.

Bio-reinforcement: the introduction of fillers based on hyaluronic acid according to the vector scheme to strengthen the subcutaneous skeleton, correct the oval of the face and eliminate gravitational ptosis. It allows achieving a remarkable rejuvenation effect and harmonizing the proportions of the face.

Indications of Hyaluronic Acid Injections:

  • Dryness and dehydration of the facial skin;

  • Skin photoaging;

  • Loss of skin elasticity;

  • Age and expression lines (nasolabial folds, nasolabial grooves);

  • Ptosis and changes in the shape of the face;

  • Bruising and thinning of the skin around the eyes;

  • Asymmetry of the face.

The effect of the procedure lasts between 6 and 24 months, and sometimes more, it all depends on the type of medication and the speed of metabolic processes in the patient's body. If desired, the procedure can be repeated later in whole or in part.

The result of the procedure can be evaluated immediately. When performing the contour graft and bio-reinforcement, we recommend waiting approximately 2 weeks after correction and evaluating the final result after the hyaluronic acid finally becomes embedded in the tissues and slight swelling disappears.

Facial Stretch or Facial Reinforcement with Tensile Threads

Anti-aging threads: an innovative procedure that allows you to quickly and easily solve the problems of age-related changes in the skin of the face. Its essence is that thin cosmetic threads are introduced into the facial tissue, which form a new framework for the growth of our own collagen, so that a lifting effect is achieved. As a result, the face becomes younger and fresher, the elasticity of the skin is restored and blood circulation in the tissues of the face is normalized. The procedure leaves no scars and does not require a special recovery period. The effect of the procedure lasts up to three years. At this stage, the raising of the thread is considered the optimal procedure to combat the first manifestations related to age, which allows it to save not only youth, but also the natural appearance of the face.

As a general rule, lifting with anti-aging threads is used to correct facial contours, reveal nasolabial folds, drooping cheeks and correct the position of the eyebrows. This type of rejuvenation can be used to tighten the skin of the neck, cleavage or other problem areas. Due to the fact that the threads are different, cosmetologists can work with each area of the face or body in the most efficient way possible.

The advantages of this technique are that it provides a fast and natural result, does not require hospitalization and is performed using minimally invasive methods. This procedure is much more affordable than a surgical facelift and provides a lasting effect. Due to the fact that cosmetic threads are made of materials that are fully compatible with the human body, the possibility of their rejection is virtually excluded. Separately, it is worth noting that thread rejuvenation is not a contraindication for other anti-aging salon procedures.

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